Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Sorry for the long break sisters!

Alhamdulillah all going good inshaAllah.

Maa shaa Allah the girls have been doing really well academically and we have had a nice few weeks alhamdulillah.

Wednesday year 8  had a test on Fatima bint Muhammad with Sister K and did really well and for aqeedah year 7 did posters with quran and hadith showing that our Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets.

Science we are covering electrical circuits with year 7 and forces of the body with year 8!

Alhamdulillah KS2 girls are progressing really well and have been decorating their theme wall with atlas work and posters on the hijaab.

Spelling B still going strong but only ten girls left in! And alhamdulillah Sister N has started an after school english club for the girls which is proving to be very popular and beneficial for the girls as regards their english skills.

Alhamdulillah we had a new student come and spend the day with us to see what we teach and the type of environment we are cultivating.

Alhamdulillah our priority is the deen and nurturing of the girls and always will be inshaAllah, but it was nice to know that academically as regards the core subjects of English, Math and Science we are on par with other schools and in some subjects more advanced! Alhamdulillah.

May Allah continue to bless us AMEEN


Alhamdulillah the sale and pamper day was a really nice day maa shaa Allah.

Had a fab turnout alhamdulillah jazakumAllahu khayran to all those who came – lots of new sisters too so they were able to see our new place for the first time which was nice.

Maa shaa Allah may Allah bless them ameen, the girls worked really hard on the day and many family members came to support them and the Centre alhamdulillah.

Watch this space for Sisters Event in March INSHAALLAH!

May Allah continue to bless the Centre ameen.

I Never Missed the Congregation in Forty Years –

Daily Life


Three girls didn’t get through to round 3 of the spelling B!

Round 4 after the hols and the letters are increasing to 12!

All getting ready for our pamper day and sale tomorrow – cooking lists, buy henna, jewellery etc. last minute cleaning lol!

InshaAllah we have a good turnout as the girls are looking forward to it and it’s nice for them to see they are supported by the community alhamdulillah all good is from Allah.

May Allah continue to bless the Centre ameen.


Daily Life


Alhamdulillah all going good inshaAllah!

Wednesday girls had test on Fatimah bint Asad and geography test on maps  – so see how they are progressing!

Thursdays spelling B went well and now some of the girls are onto 13 and 14 letters!the atmosphere was electrifying lol!

Just getting ready for our Pamper Day next week inshaAllah may Allah bless it ameen.


Cardiff’s Sisters Souq!


Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce Sisters Souq on Sunday 26th February 2012 10-3pm @ Riverside Warehouse, Machen Place!

A halal, safe environment where sisters can come to buy or sell!

Hire a table £15 personal/£20 business and all proceeds from the tables will go to the dawah inshaAllah.

Abayas, hijaabs, bakery stall, Salafi Bookshop stall, homemade cakes stall, thawbs, dresses & accesories, old-time favourite sweets!

Please spread the word baarakAllahu feekum.

Daily Life

Alhamdulillah girls did their spelling b and all done good, bless they were all sweating with anticipation but enoyed it! Round 2 next week inshaAllah.

Today our lessons included science, history, etiquettes, tafsir, GCSE PE and hadeeth & dua.

Science with year 8 has been on the topic of heat and temperature and their test is next week inshaAllah.

Year 7 have been doing the seerah of Prophet Muhammad sallAllahu alaihi wasallam and our etiquettes lessons are taken from The Book of Manners which is devised of dictation together with a understanding task  consisting of their own questions and answers.

Hadeeth and dua is memorisation and understanding alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless us ameen.


Visit to our masjid

Alhamdulillah we took a break from our normal lessons and took a walk to our masjid where the Centre first started.  Maa shaa Allah it was so nice to be in the masjid, it was like we had never left!  You can feel the sakinah as soon as you walk through the doors maa shaa Allah.

The girls were very happy to spend the afternoon there and once we had eaten and prayed salah, all the girls encouraged by Aunty Ma to good deeds, cleaned the upstairs of the masjid just like the old days!  May Allah bless them they were all so eager to help tidy and even little K rolled up her sleeves and hoovered.

Alhamdulillah we all walked back to the Centre happy and content with the girls practising for their spelling B tomorrow with Sister N inshaAllah!  It should be a lot of fun whilst learning to spell tricky words and meanings at the same time.

May Allah continue to bless us ameen.

Daily Life!

InshaAllah this week we will be posting up our daily lessons to give you an idea of school days and protocol at our Centre!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Centre I suppose you could say we are homeschoolers on a large scale!  We are not a school and do not promote ourselves as a school hence calling ourselves a learning centre – “a place to nurture and cultivate in this life for the next”.  Alhamdulillah we are unique in the type of environment and combination of lessons we provide and probably the only type of girls centre in Wales, if not the UK.  We do not receive any funding and all the sisters teach voluntarily alhamdulillah.  After Allahs aid, fees we get from the girls enable us to pay all our outgoings and truly all praise is for Allah.

Alhamdulillah we started in 2007 at our local masjid maa shaa Allah where we were able to set our foundation and increase in pupils and experience.  We moved to our present building a few months ago and alhamdulillah all is going well.  We have four classrooms, a gym, a large room for salah and lunch and a nursery where the teachers’ toddlers are looked after by our dear sister Aunty Ma may Allah bless her ameen.

Each classroom has its own identity maa shaa Allah and has a mixture of english, maths, science and islamic literature on the walls.  Work that the girls have done is also displayed on the wall giving it that personal touch!

Ok, so Monday is our “tutor day” where private tutors  provided by City Tutors come to the centre to teach english and maths.  They teach KS3 and GCSE’s and science from year 9 to GCSE inshaAllah.  Alhamdulillah the girls are progressing well.

Tuesday is our arabic and quraan day –  Sister J, Sister F and Sister L come in for arabic  in the morning and Sister N comes in after dhuhr to join us for quraan and tawheed in the afternoon.  The girls are taught how to read quraan, memorise and tajweed.  Tawheed is not just emphasised on this day but every day and those who have visited our centre can see the importance of tawheed and what it means all around!

May Allah continue to bless us ameen

Precious Gem

Every breath we take is taking us closer to death.

  The time we spend in this world is short, the time we are held in our graves is long, and the punishment following our lowly desires is calamitous.

Ibn al-Jawzi (d.597AH)